About Amarya Bridal

Amarya Bridal

Amarya Bridal is wholesale bridal business based in Istanbul, Turkey.

We are dedicated to selling high-quality bridal gowns at affordable prices.

We can supply our collections under our brand or under your own brand label.


Our Mission Is to Help You Grow Your Business We know that unhealthy practices bridal companies enforce on small retailers only harm the industry. We want to change these practices and make things better. We want fair prices and fair profits for everyone in the industry, that's why we are stepping up and changing the way things have been harming businesses for a long time. Why choose Amarya Bridal? We offer several unique benefits and convenience for our retailers.

Do you want to buy from Amarya Bridal?

• Place 3 gowns or more as first order, we also may give you some discount. So, you can check our quality by the first order. • if you feel dresses and prices are good for you and your customer, we can do more business in future. • please let me know if you have any question.